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NFL Week 16: San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks Sat. Dec. 24, 2011 4:15 p.m. EST

Last season the NFC West division was one off the worst divisions in the NFL with all four teams having losing records and just one of those teams being playoff bound. The Seattle Seahawks turned out to be that team last season and were the first team in NFL history to win a division title and make it into the playoffs with a losing record.

This season things have drastically changed in the NFC West division as the San Francisco 49ers have quickly transformed in one of the best teams in the NFL with new head coach Jim Harbaugh leading the way. With a hardnosed defense and an offense that seems to be getting it together, the 49ers are a legitimate Super Bowl title contender moving forward and will be trying to get through the last two regular season games without serious injuries.

As for the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch and company have come on strong in the past month or so with three wins in a row. The running game in Seattle has been vastly improved and a force to be reckoned in the second half of the regular season, but I’m not sure the strong running of Lynch and formidable defense will be enough to get the best of the 49ers in Week 16.

As of right now, the San Francisco 49ers has been favored to get the win in this NFC West division showdown with a -2.5 point spread. Even though there is a possibility that the 49ers will rest some starters for the playoffs in Week 16, I still believe San Francisco will get the win and cover the small spread.

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