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NFL Week 5: San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders Sportsbook odds and predictions

San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders Sun. Oct. 10th 4:15pm EST

There are very few division rivalries that can stand the test of time, but the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers are one of those AFC West division rivalries that are filled with passionate hatred between two teams that just want to kill each other no matter what is on the line.

With that being said, this Sunday’s AFC West showdown between the Chargers and the Raiders promises to be an entertaining one as both teams are struggling right now and fighting for an opportunity to get back to the top of the division.

There is no question that the San Diego Chargers are the better of these two AFC West teams, but the same could have been said for Week 1’s matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs where Philip Rivers and company went home bruised and battered. When it comes to placing your NFL football betting on the Raiders, it can go either way.

Even though the Oakland Raiders are just 1-4 coming into this matchup with the 2-2 San Diego Chargers, they have played pretty well over the last four weeks as they were able to give teams like the Houston Texans (31-24) and the Arizona Cardinals (24-23) a run for their money.

The one thing that has been impressive from the Raiders this season is their running game as they have the sixth best ground game in the NFL right now averaging about 140 rushing yards per game. It has been the emergence of running back Darren McFadden that has done the job in the running game as he seems to be finally living up to expectations, but it hasn’t been enough to lead this team to more than one victory this year.

As of right now, the San Diego Chargers are -6.5 favorites to come out on top in this AFC West showdown, but like any division rivalry, I believe the score will be much closer when it is all said and done and it would be wise to pick the Oakland Raiders at +6.5.

Odds and lines for this matchup by leading online sportsbooks:

DSI Diamond Sportsbook:
Spread: San Diego Chargers -6 & Oakland Raiders +6
Moneyline: San Diego Chargers -270 & Oakland Raiders +230
Over/Under: San Diego Chargers 110 over & Oakland Raiders 110 under (45)

BetUS Sportsbook:
Spread: San Diego Chargers -6 & Oakland Raiders +6
Moneyline: San Diego Chargers -270 & Oakland Raiders +230
Over/Under: San Diego Chargers 110 over & Oakland Raiders 110 under (45)

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One Response to “NFL Week 5: San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders Sportsbook odds and predictions”

  1. Buster Hyman says:

    No way, with one of the worst Run Defense and the Possibility of McFadden out or even playing at 70% Strength Sunday the streak will continue. The #1 offense in the league will tear a new on in the black hole and the Chargers have had great success in Oakland.

    (ALAMEDA, Calif. — Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden sat out his second consecutive practice with a sore hamstring and almost certainly will miss Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers.)

    A lot of teams don’t in in KC and a rusty Chargers team wasn’t going to have a great day. Chargers will run past the Raiders with a Triple Threat Sprolls, Mathews and Tolbert. And when they bring extra people to protect from the run success. The Chargers will burn them with Play actions to Gates, Floyed Nanee and Clayton.

    Call it 14 in a row victories for the Chargers in Oakland this Sunday. This will be your safe bet of the week. If you won or lost a bunch on the early games, bet the house on this one.

    Raiders = 2nd to Last in Run Defense
    Raiders = 13 Losses in a Row to their Rival Chargers
    Raiders = Limited Ground Game due to loss or injury to McFadden

    Chargers = #1 Offense in nfl
    Chargers = Unstoppable Ground and Air Attack
    Chargers = #1 Defense in NFL (Only reason for two losses was poor special teams efforts)
    Chargers = Takeway Defense on a Struggling Gradkowski

    If McFadded was 100% I would call this a closer game on Sunday by 10 points but this one won’t even be close and 10 Game NFL Blackout Home Game streak will continue.

    Chargers by 17+

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