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NFL Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings Sportsbook odds and predictions

Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings Sun. Oct. 17th 4:15pm EST

The Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings are two heavyweights in the NFC Conference that have really struggled to live up to expectations this season as they haven’t been able to get anything going over the first five weeks of the season and as a result only have one win heading into their showdown in Week 6.

In what is being called the Panic Bowl, the Cowboys will head to Minnesota to take on Brett Favre’s Vikings in what could be the turning point for both of these teams. Whatever team comes out on the losing end in this battle between once Super Bowl title contenders will almost certainly be forced into making some serious changes either at head coach or on the field.

Personally, I still believe both the Vikings and the Cowboys have the ability to turn things around this season and be playoff bound, but if they don’t sort out their problems on both sides of the football, they could be in for a long disappointing season.

As of right now, the Minnesota Vikings are the favorites to come out on top in this NFC Conference heavyweight showdown between two of the best quarterbacks in the game in Brett Favre and Tony Romo with a -1.5 point spread.

Even though the Minnesota Vikings are more than capable of beating the Dallas Cowboys and by a convincing margin, especially with Randy Moss downfield and Percy Harvin stepping it up, Tony Romo and company will not go down without a fight as they know how much is at stake and the fact that this is a must win situation for America’s team.

With that being said, I believe this will be a battle from start to finish with a lot of points on the board, but in the end the Vikings should finally get their second win of the season.

Odds and lines for this matchup by leading online sportsbooks:

DSI Diamond Sportsbook:
Spread: Dallas Cowboys +1.5 & Minnesota Vikings -1.5
Moneyline: Dallas Cowboys +105 & Minnesota Vikings -125
Over/Under: Dallas Cowboys 110 over & Minnesota Vikings 110 under (44)

Bookmaker Sportsbook:
Spread: Dallas Cowboys +1.5 & Minnesota Vikings -1.5
Moneyline: Dallas Cowboys +105 & Minnesota Vikings -125
Over/Under: Dallas Cowboys 110 over & Minnesota Vikings 110 under (44)

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