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As the NBA trade deadline nears could the Blazers Jamal Crawford be on the trading block?

The NBA trade deadline is right around the corner (March 15) and a lot of rumors are starting to fly around about many different players. The biggest name reportedly on the trading block with less than ten days to go is without a doubt Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, but it is still uncertain if the team is willing to give him up for what teams around the league are currently offering.

With Dwight Howard being the biggest fish available on the trade market, there are few game-changing players that might fly under the radar. One of those players could be high-scoring point guard Jamal Crawford of the Portland Trail Blazers. Crawford did sign a free agent contract before the beginning of the season with the Blazers, but it is being reported that he might explored the free agent market once again this summer.

With that being said, the Portland Trail Blazers are inclined to trade the point guard before the NBA trade deadline in order to avoid losing him for nothing. Another player on the Blazers that is also on the trading block currently is Raymond Felton. There has been talk of a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers in which the Blazers would get Steve Blake in return.

As for Jamal Crawford, there has already been plenty of interest from the Los Angeles Clippers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Both teams are desperately searching for another scorer and someone to fill the shooting guard position which would be an easy transition for Crawford.

There are a few more teams that have reportedly also shown interest in acquiring Jamal Crawford in the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and the Sacramento Kings. All three of these squads are also looking for a scoring boost.

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One Response to “As the NBA trade deadline nears could the Blazers Jamal Crawford be on the trading block?”

  1. Devonte says:

    Celtics trade Pietrus,Bradley,Johnson,Wilcox, & 1st round pick to Portland for M.Camby and J.Crawford. C`s trade Moore and Dooling to Golden State for N.Robinson. C`s sign W.Chandler,E.House, & L.Powe for 1 year by tomorrow. C`s trade Daniels,Pavlovic, & 2nd round pick to Miami for J.Jones. C`s waived Center J.O`Neal by tomorrow.

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