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Celtics head coach Doc Rivers believes Rajon Rondo won’t be traded

There has been a lot of trade talk circulating around the Boston Celtics as of late with many reports stating that the Big 3 of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo are on the table. Despite the expiring contract of Kevin Garnett, the veteran forward hasn’t gotten much interest if any at this point. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are arguably the most movable players as they can still contribute at a high level.

Even though Allen or Pierce could be moved before the NBA trade deadline on March 15, the one big-name that could be on his way out of Boston before any other is Rajon Rondo. With many teams showing interest in the 25-year-old perennial All-Star, the consensus is that he could very well be traded to a team like the arch rival Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite all these reports of the Boston Celtics aggressively shopping their star point guard, head coach Doc Rivers believes that he will remain in a Celtics uniform for a long time. With Rondo being the future of the franchise after the Big 3, it doesn’t really make sense for the team to move him before the deadline, but there has been talk of Rondo’s relationship with Rivers being a key factor to a potential trade.

Rajon Rondo hasn’t publicly come out and said that he no longer wants to be in Boston, but with all the trade rumors throughout this season and the last, there is a good chance that he could be moved. The best trade proposal thus far seems to be coming from the Lakers who are in desperate need of a point guard upgrade and are looking to move Pau Gasol who the Celtics are said to be interested in.

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