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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers interested in trading for Michael Beasley?

The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers have been linked together ever since the 2011 NBA draft. With the two teams supposedly talking about a trade for the second overall pick and Kevin Love, the Lakers were highly interested and seemed ready to part ways with Pau Gasol. Ultimately, the deal was never made and the T’Wolves are better for it with Love having a career year.

With the NBA trade deadline looming (March 15), the league has been buzzing about all sorts of trade rumors with big-names like Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Deron Williams (New Jersey Nets) and Pau Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers). There is no telling whether or not any of these players will be dealt before the deadline, but it would be safe bet to say the Gasol will be the one that will most likely be playing for another team after the deadline.

Even though the Lakers are gauging interest around the league for Pau Gasol, the most recent trade rumor out of the City of Angels is a deal for Michael Beasley. Apparently, the T’Wolves has grown tired of an immature Beasley and is ready to trade him for the right offer. Not only is Minnesota willing to deal the big man, but they will do it for something as small as a trade exception.

Fortunately, the Lakers have an $8.9 million trade exception at their disposal from the Lamar Odom trade to the Dallas Mavericks before the beginning of the season. Along with the trade exception, the Lakers have an open spot on their roster which means a deal could very well get made in the coming weeks with Michael Beasley heading to Los Angeles.

With Beasley, the Lakers would get that offense they have been looking for at the small forward position. Sounds like a great deal if they can pull it off.

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