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The Denver Nuggets likely to part ways with J.R. Smith

Over the past couple of weeks, the Denver Nuggets have been getting a lot of unneeded attention as the best player Carmelo Anthony has said that he will not sign the proposed three-year contract extension ($65 million dollars) and wants to be traded to one of the following three teams in either the Houston Rockets, New Jersey Nets or New York Knicks. Experts feel like the online sportsbooks will take note of this when setting futures at this point.

Even though people like Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl, who is coming off his second battle with cancer, has said that he hopes Melo will stay in the Mile High City, all indications are leaning towards the team’s leading scorer being traded before the season begins in late October.

Apparently, the bad news in Denver doesn’t stop there as the Nuggets seem to be ready to part ways with another great scorer in J.R. Smith. Despite coming off the bench, Smith is arguably the second best scorer on the team behind Carmelo Anthony and a vital part of the Nuggets bench scoring.

There is no doubting J.R. Smith’s ability to give the Denver Nuggets a great scoring punch off the bench, but along with being one of the team’s best players, he is also a handful off the court as he is constantly getting in trouble and has no problem criticizing the team publically.

With that being said and the fact that the Nuggets will almost certainly part ways with Carmelo Anthony, Denver will explore their options to part ways with J.R. Smith as well.

It is uncertain what teams would be interested in Smith, but with his kind of talent and ability to score 15 to 20+ points a night off the bench, there will be no shortage of teams looking to make a deal with the Denver Nuggets for their backup guard.

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