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Top Five 2010 NBA Draft Picks

The 2010 NBA Draft took place on Thursday evening in New York City at Madison Square Gardens.  The first pick of the night went to the Washington Wizards and they chose John Wall from Kentucky as their overall Number 1 draft pick of the night.  Wall plays as point guard, weighs in at 195 lbs. and 6-foot-4, and was drafted out of the freshman class at Kentucky.

The Philadelphia 76ers was second to choose their draft pick, which they used to choose Evan Turner from the junior class at Ohio State.  6-foot-7 Turner plays as shooting guard.  Turner will definitely be able to add some depth to the team that has long been needed.  He is a top leader and scorer and will definitely help the 76ers to a win.

The New Jersey Nets was third in the lineup to choose their draft pick Thursday night.  Number 3 overall draft pick went to Derrick Favors, a 6-foot-10 forward from the freshman class of Georgia Tech.  With Favors, the Nets’ frontcourt will improve even more.  Although they’ll have to train him on offense, he’s ready and has the ability to perform well and he makes up for it in defense.

Minnesota Timberwolves used their fourth overall draft pick to choose forward Wesley Johnson from the junior class of Syracuse. The 6-foot-7 forward is exceptionally well known for scoring from the three-point line and will add a threat.

Rounding out of the top five draft picks of the night, the Sacramento Kings drafted DeMarcus Cousins, a towering 6-foot-11 center out of the freshman class of Kentucky – the second draft pick in the first round from Kentucky.  He is known as the preeminent player in the draft and has strong physical skills on the court.  Sacramento went into the draft needed a center and came out of the draft with a center – a decent one too.

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