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Western Conference Playoffs: First Round Matchups

We have known for quite some time now which teams were playoff bound in the Western Conference as all eight spots have been clinched much earlier than the Eastern Conference, but we haven’t known who will be playing who in the first round the playoffs until the NBA regular season ended Wednesday night.

Now that the NBA regular season is officially in the books, we can finally see what the matchups will be in the first round out West!

#1 Los Angeles Lakers vs. #8 Oklahoma City Thunder

Personally, I can’t see any team in the Western Conference beating the defending NBA champions in a seven game series, but it will definitely not be as easy as it was last season for Kobe Bryant and company.

The one thing the Oklahoma City Thunder has to their advantage coming into this matchup is that they have everything to win and nothing to lose which could result in a very entertaining series with Kevin Durant leading the way!

Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers 4-2

#2 Dallas Mavericks vs. #7 San Antonio Spurs

Even though the seeding is pretty lopsided in this series, these two Texas teams have history and will not be giving up an inch to their in-state and division rivals.

Obviously, the Dallas Mavericks are a team as deep as anyone in the league right now, perhaps even the deepest team in the league, but the Spurs are about as experienced as it gets when it comes to the playoffs and they will give the Mavs a run for their money.

In the end though, I believe the Mavs will advance on the account of having a better all around squad filled with young talent.

Prediction: Dallas Mavericks 4-2

#3 Phoenix Suns vs. #6 Portland Trail Blazers

Despite the seeding, this is more like the #1 vs. #8 as the Suns will be an absolute nightmare for the Blazers to contain in a seven game series.

The Blazers might get one game in this series, if they are lucky, but they lost their best player Brandon Roy at the wrong time. Roy says he will try and play, but he is nowhere near 100% and it will show against a team that loves to run.

Prediction: Phoenix Suns 4-1

#4 Denver Nuggets vs. #5 Utah Jazz

Much like the Hawks vs. Bucks matchup in the East, the Nuggets and the Jazz first round matchup in the West will be an all out battle with a series decided in seven games written all over it!

As of right now, I believe the Utah Jazz are the better all around team as they have really come on strong in the second half of the NBA regular season, but the Denver Nuggets are team never to be underestimated as they can light up the scoreboard on any given night.

It will be close, but in the end, I think the Jazz will come out on top.

Prediction: Utah Jazz 4-3

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One Response to “Western Conference Playoffs: First Round Matchups”

  1. Jdog says:

    There is no way anyone is going to get past the Lakers unless something really unusual happens. They are just so in the groove right now and I think it will be the Lakers representing the West. I can see them winning it all again as they are one of the best ever.

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