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2010 World Cup: Switzerland and Honduras Go Home 0-0

Switzerland is known for their awesome defense but it seems that it wasn’t enough this time to take them to the next round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Sure, they had what it took to take out Spain in their opening game and defeat them but it wasn’t enough in the end.

In three games, Switzerland was only able to achieve a single goal and was unable to gain the advancement to the second round of the 2010 World Cup due to not being able to successfully claim a score in Friday’s game against Honduras at Free State Stadium.

Both teams ended up 0-0, which sent Chile as the runner-up to Spain in Group H for round of 16.  So, why didn’t the Swiss get it together?  Who knows?  They didn’t start out playing the greatest nor the hardest, which probably had a huge effect on the way the game ended – with no score.  It wasn’t until later in the head-to-head match with Honduras that they decided to give their playing ability and skill some vigor.  However, the vigor came too late and they weren’t able to score.

During the 71st minute of the match, Honduras almost made a score on Switzerland; however, Diego Benaglio (goalkeeper) was able to keep it out of the net effectively with just one hand.

The Swiss won their opening game against Spain 1-0 but then went on to lose to Chile 1-0.  Then they get to Honduras and aren’t even able to score a single goal against the winless team.

Switzerland came in third of the Group H behind both Spain and Chile while Honduras ended up last with a single point.  Therefore, to sum it up, in the final game of Group H, Switzerland and Honduras were both eliminated from this year’s World Cup Championship and sent back to their home countries.

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